Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Many Mothers?

Last night, we watched The Prince of Egypt. It does have parts where artistic license has been taken, but I was always able to use that in my classroom with my students to teach them that you always have to go by the Book and not the movie for the truth.

In the 4th grade Bible curriculum (Bob Jones University Press), we would do a 4 week study of the Exodus account. After our unit was over, I would copy out a worksheet that I had printed up that had two columns. Each column had a sentence or question about the same part of the account, but one column made the kids remember what the Bible said, and the other column had them write down how the movie changed it.

It is so important that we always take our children back to the Bible, the Source, to make sure that the information they are getting is correct. It will damage their faith if they have conflicting messages. Yes, it is always great to visually see what we have read about, but Hollywood's version of Biblical accounts is not always accurate. Thinking back, the animation was top of the line at the time, and combining cartoon with digital images seemed to be such an advancement in technology. My, how times have changed.

As I watched the movie (Addie totally giggled at the chariot race in the second scene), I couldn't help feeling for the mothers of that time. One of my constant prayers is for Addie's safety and protection. My heart aches when I think of where our world is going and what people are doing to others because there is no absolute truth for many of them. Then, I think that my beautiful, sweet little girl is growing up in this place and what may happen in the future. North Korea has been quietly becoming a threat, terrorists are willing to die and take others with them in acts of war on civilians, decisions are being made for us that we would never choose to make on our own, and the list goes on. How many times do I pray and ask the Lord to return quickly as John put it in the book of Revelation 22:20b, "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus?"

I began to think about the mothers who heard about the Pharaoh's edict that all of the baby boys were to be killed as soon as they were born. Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing. I loved every moment of my pregnancy from finding out that we were expecting, to telling our parents, to finding out that we were having a girl, to beginning work on the nursery, to planning for showers, to feeling the flutters and then the kicks, to watching my stomach grow and roll in all kinds of funny shapes (once while I was teaching, Addie put on quite a show for my students. I had to stop teaching until she found a comfortable position for herself. I knew it was pointless to tell the kids to stop looking at my belly so we could continue our English Grammar lessons when my stomach was contorting into every shape imaginable). We could not wait to meet and hold our little girl.

These poor mothers carried their children for nine months, not knowing if they would have a child to hold at the end of this incredible journey, because if it was a boy, it was to be killed. What a relief they must have felt when the midwives revealed that they also fear the living God and would not kill the child born to them. How many mothers prayed for a girl instead of a boy? However, their relief was short lived as they found out that the Pharaoh commanded his people, not just the soldiers, to have all baby boys thrown into the Nile.

And that is what got me many mothers died also? As a mother, you don't just let anything happen to your child. You don't just stand by and watch as your child bumps their head, trips and falls, scrapes their knee, or squishes a finger. You jump in, you pick them up, you kiss the boo-boos and make it all better. And that is with the minor day to day things that all children experience. However, having your helpless, newborn boy, whose head you need to hold because his neck is not strong enough to hold it up, who sleeps almost nonstop, who gets his nourishment from his mother, ripped from you and taken to a certain death is a completely different story.

How many mothers fought with the cruel soldiers or neighbors in an attempt to somehow keep their son from dying in such a cruel way? How many mothers were thrown into the Nile as well because they refused to let go of their innocent baby boys? How many mothers were killed because they would not allow death to come to the child they had given life to? How many husbands were left widowers and childless that day? How many children lost their mothers and baby brother on the same day? How many mothers cried themselves to sleep for many nights after that because there was no little person to wake them in the middle of the night to feed. How many mothers refused to become pregnant again for fear that they would experience that same unbearable pain all over again.

There are times that I wish I could have lived back in Bible times to experience the wonders of the Bible, and then there are times when I am thankful that God chose to put me in this day and time. This is one Bible account I would not have wanted to live through. But it does urge me to pray even more for my family and daughter and for my role as a wife and mother. And that is one reason God gave us His Word, to urge us into action.


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