Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life Lesson from Biblical Wives: Eve Part 3

And the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. Genesis 2:22

I absolutely love this verse! It shows us a God that cares for His individual creations. He made Adam from the dust of the earth with His own hands as opposed to speaking him into existence like He did with the rest of creation, and He "fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken out of man."

I love the word fashioned. As a verb it means to give a particular shape or form to; make. God created us in the form, shape, and measurements He did on purpose! How amazing is it that the God that we serve gave us the particular shape that he did! Can you tell, I am in awe?

Another definition is to accommodate; adjust; adapt. This is the other side of the coin. God created us to accommodate, adjust to and adapt to our husband. This is not a very popular idea today. In fact, it is looked at as being a very backward way to think. However, in God's world there is order in everything He created. If you just look at the 6 days of creation and what He created in the order He created them in, you would see a definite necessity in the created order.

In the home/marriage, there is also a necessary order. Someone has to be the head/leader and someone needs to follow. God made Brian the head of our home and it is my job to accommodate his needs, to adjust to his every changing work schedule, and adapt to his ideas. Does this mean I lose my individuality? Heavens no! It just means that I prayerfully follow him and be the other voice that that sometimes he needs to hear before making a decision. Am I, Suzette, always the accommodater, adjuster, and adaptor that God has created me to be? Hmmm...let's move on. I have very strong opinions, and there have been many times when I knew my way was better which I later regretted.

But you know what? Eve was apparently the same way. As we will see next time, when Eve decided to take the role of leader and convincing Adam that what she had to offer was better than him following what God had directly told him, history was changed instantly.

Lord, thank you for the way You fashioned me. And help me to do the job as accommodater, adjuster, and adapter that you fashioned me to be for Brian.


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