Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Recipe Swap: Christmas Turkey

This is the original recipe card that Mom wrote out for me with this little message for me. "It is a wonderful time to be thankful to God that you are able to serve Brian & family."  I made the turkey for Christmas Day 2008 and it was a huge success.  Dad gave us the turkey, Mom had passed along her recipe, Brian made a quick trip home earlier in the day to pop the turkey in the oven, and we all (Brian, Faye, Dad, Mom, Pops, and me- Addie wasn't eating real food yet) enjoyed it for dinner.


22 lb. turkey defrosted (this recipe works for smaller turkeys as well).
Salt or Adobo
1 stick of butter
Olive oil
Black pepper
1 cup of water


Line your turkey roaster/cooker with aluminum foil.
Wash the turkey.
Put the turkey into the aluminum lined cooker.
Cut slits into the turkey so that the seasonings can seep into the turkey.
Spread all of the ingredients all over the turkey (try to get under the skin with some of the seasonings also).
Pour the water onto the aluminum foil under the turkey.
Cover the turkey with aluminum so that the turkey will be moist.
Keep checking to make sure the turkey is cooking.
Cook according to directions on the turkey package.


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