Friday, August 31, 2012

Mom's Child Training Ideas

One of the many things that my mother and I had/have in common was/is our love for paper and writing things down.

Every once in a while I come across something that my mother had written out, whether it be on computer paper, in a spiral notebook, or on loose leaf filler paper.

And I treasure them.

Last week as I was cleaning out the office closet, I came across a sheet of computer paper with that familiar handwriting. On it, Mom had written out 2 sets of rules/ ideas/things to teach children about behavior in church and church related topics and the other was for how to behave when going to the home of others.

This week, I'll be sharing her ideas for church. I will have her ideas in bold print and my input in italics.

*Mom, make sure your kids are with you! (We were never allowed to wander around the church with our friends. We had to be next to or near my parents. At one church, I remember that we had to sit in our seats while our parents ministered, and we were not allowed to get up. We never got into any trouble while at church.)

*Make sure you don't throw any papers on the floor. (She would even have us pick up papers that we saw on the floor.)

*Make sure you do not run inside the church. It is God's house of prayer. (To this day, the sight of children running in church or on the pulpit irks me to no end!)

*Don't stand on the chairs or pews. It is distracting to others, you can fall, an chairs are meant to sit on not stand. (Pretty much just common sense.)

Treat the property outside the building with respect.

*(For parents) Invite missionaries to your home. Tell your children where the missionary is from. Before their visit, dress up and make a dish from whatever country your missionary is from (not for your guests, but to teach your children ahead of time). If your husband is unsaved, see if you can take a pie to the missionary where they are staying. (The churches that we were members at or on the staff of up north had church members open up their homes to visiting missionaries. Hotels were not used. I have had the privilege of meeting missionaries from Australia, Portugal (as a child and currently we have friends that are missionaries there), and Africa (I don't remember which country specifically). My mother's idea concerned making missions something real for your children.)

*Invite the pastor and his family over. At Christmas, involve your children in purchasing a gift for him. (Again, this was before churches began giving a financial gift to the pastor at Christmas. It kept us always aware of the fact that our pastor gave to us throughout the year and we were now giving to him at Christmas. My mother especially made sure that she gave gifts to the pastor's children so they would see that God blesses when you work for Him.)

*Teach children to tithe. Start with a dollar and give them ten dimes to teach the concept. (I can remember learning how to tithe as a child. At this stage of my life it is just second nature to deduct 10% of any monies we receive.)

*Teach your children to give to the poor, the widows, and the needy. (This was something that I remember my mother doing with us as well. And I believe God blessed her in so many ways because of her giving and is even blessing her children because of her.)


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