Monday, September 30, 2013

Decorating for Fall- Part One

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With the coming of October, we begin to get a little bit of a tease from the fall weather. The mornings are cool until about 8:30 and the evenings become nice once the sun goes down.

Of course, because the weather doesn't help Floridians "feel" fall, we have to resort to making our homes resemble what we remember fall being like when we lived in northern states.

As a family we celebrate fall (a season that God created) and Thanksgiving (a holiday remembering God's goodness to the Pilgrims who came to America seeking religious freedom), and all of our décor reflects that.

I thought it would be fun to take a couple of days this week to walk you through a few places in our home to show you how you can inexpensively decorate for fall/Thanksgiving.

The first photo is the left side of the sofa table (which is now up against our main wall). I always have a tray and greenery arrangement there, but the simple candle stand and candle are usually on the table where my decorations are. Her we have a paper bag/plain frame that Addie decorated with beans from an old package of 15 Bean Soup last year. Behind the frame is a roll of toilet paper wrapped up in a piece of fall fabric with a small stick and fake fall leaves pushed into the middle.

Here is the right side of the same sofa table. I took an old frame that I had stored away and got rid of the glass. I then took a piece of craft cardstock and ran it through my printer and printed a huge letter "L" (the initial of our last name). Then Addie and I covered the "L" with tacky glue and used our 15 Bean Soup again to cover it up. Around the edges we placed some more tacky glue and added pieces of hay. (Do you see the little magnetic "I" laying there? It is the first initial of the little person who put it there to remind me that I live in the real world, not in a magazine :)

Here is the whole sofa table. Across the bottom shelf, I just laid a $2.97 (purchased this year) leaf garland from Wal-mart. The total cost for this area was $5 (what I bought last year and this year). The only things I purchased were the frame and leaf garland.

Tomorrow we will look at Titus for our Heart of a Homemaker series and then on Wednesday, we will look at the living room and kitchen counter.

If you want to see what to look forward to, take a look at the Smilebox I did last year of our home's décor.

Items below are similar to those mentioned above.


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