Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Decorating for Fall | Part Two

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Today, as promised, we are looking at the living room and kitchen counter. Let's start with the counter since that is already pictured to the left.

Last year as I was searching for accessories to go with my son's first birthday party farm theme, I came across these adorable little red buckets at the Dollar Tree. They were perfect for storing the utensils in, but I knew that once the party was over, I would be able to turn around and use them in my fall d├ęcor.

At Walmart, I found three bunches of flowers and leaves that complemented each other at $3 per bunch. I also purchased some Styrofoam blocks for the inside of the buckets to hold the flowers in place. For a grand total of roughly $15 I had three little arrangements to spread out on the counter that separates the kitchen from the dining room, as is seen below in the photo from last year (this year looks identical, but my photos just didn't come out quite so well).

I also set out two Thanksgiving related books- Thanksgiving (A FamilyLife Book): A Time to Remember (Family Life Books) and Bless This Food from Home and Garden Party (gift from my mom-in-law :)

Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving books. I bought it back when I was still teaching and used it with my students. Last year was my first time reading it with Addie. It is designed to be read with children of all ages. Right now we are in the season where we will only be reading the large typed words with the kids because it gives them a condensed preschool/young elementary version of the events surrounding the first Thanksgiving based on historical record and not our recently rewritten, politically correct version of the events that occurred.

Bless This Food is a cookbook with the easiest delicious recipes, some containing three ingredients!

In our living room (which Monday's sofa table leads into), we have a large entertainment center with six shelves, four of which contain photos with a sprig of greenery throughout the year.

In order to make it more festive, I purchased another strand of fall leaf garland last year ($2.97), cut it into four equally sized pieces, and wove the pieces into the already existing greenery. And that was it.

Looking back, the cost of decorating for me in these two areas was $0 this year because I had kept and stored away everything I purchased last year. The total cost of last year for these two areas was around $18- not including the book I had purchased at least 7 to 8 years ago.

Decorating does not have to be costly. A simplified look can look sweet and elegant without costing a fortune.


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