Monday, October 7, 2013

Our List | The Repost

God is so good. So many times we are the beneficiaries of His goodness and graciousness and there is no way that we could possible ever deserve it. Yet because he is merciful and loving, He looks past our imperfections and blesses us in spite of ourselves.

Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us...."

How true this verse is. We ask, and God chooses to give more than we could imagine. In our own lives, we can truly say that we have seen God's Hand at work many times throughout our lives and marriage, as is seen in this repost from October 6, 2009.

Recently, I was going through some of our memorabilia, and I found this list. Brian and I had made it while living in our first house (the brown one pictured). Brian had bought it one year before we began dating, two years before were married. It was one of the best financial investments Brian had ever made. It still has a special little place in my heart because it was our first home. One day we stood in our little kitchen, him leaning on one counter and me leaning on the other, and we went back and forth thinking of things that we either wanted to improve in that house or have if we ever got a new home. As I looked through the list, I realized that God had blessed us with everything we asked for on that list in the home we are presently in (cream colored house pictured). The list is as follows:

sprinklers (we had the worst lawn in the neighborhood before...thank God for our sprinklers!)
master bathroom (we had a really tiny bathroom before... now our bathroom is the same size as our bedroom)
dining set (matches our living room set)
new laundry appliances (I think our previous ones came with our old house- built in the 1980's)
1/2 acre of land (we actually have one whole acre at this point- our house is on 1/2 an acre, and we own another 1/2 acre elsewhere that we recently sold)
great view from front door (we have a retention pond directly across from us and undeveloped lots completely around us)
great view of stars (because we are far enough away from the lights from town, we have a magnificent view of the stars)
piano (my mom-in-law gave me her piano- it was their 10 year anniversary gift to each other many years ago)
nice floors (when we moved into our home, we had brand new carpet and the flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen looks like tile)
Christopher's room (as you all know, we don't have a Christopher, we have an Addie. When we first got married, we began the whole, "When we have a baby..."conversation. We decided that we would name our boy Christopher- family reason for the name- but we couldn't think of a girl's name. So anytime we would bring up the "baby talk", we would just refer to the "baby" (who didn't exist yet) as Christopher. Then when my grandmother passed away- she LOVED Brian ALOT- Brian said that if we ever had a girl, we would name her Adelaide after my grandmother, hence the nickname Addie. When we became pregnant, we decided to refer to the baby as "Squishy" (cute, huh?). When we heard the heartbeat, Mom said, "It's a girl!" The ultrasound confirmed it. Our idea of Christopher's room quickly became Addie's room, and we filled it with all things pink. I wouldn't trade my little Addie for Christopher...but maybe one day God will give us a Christopher.)
no water bill (we have a well, so we don't pay for water)
nice big windows (in every room)
white kitchen cabinets (our cabinets were a weird wood looking color that we could not fix no matter what we did to the kitchen)
big open kitchen (YES!)
entertainment center (love it!)
4 bedrooms (what a blessing those were)
2 car garage (we had a one car garage that the previous owners had turned into some kind of rec room. They had laid linoleum, which we spent 3 months trying to remove-bad memory.)
back porch (I don't mind going outside anymore)
no rats (we had a fruit tree that had branches that hung over our roof. The rats would fall onto our roof and then burrow their way into the attic. Needless to say, we became good customers of the Orkin man.)
quiet neighborhood (we have yet to meet some of our neighbors)
more space (lots of it)
1st time owners of this house (our home was a spec home and was not complete when we bought it)
door bell (our old door bell did not work, but it really didn't matter. You could hear a knock on the front door from anywhere in that little house.)
my own sink- Brian's request (our little master bathroom had one sink and two people trying to get ready for work at the same time- another memory, but not so bad, just funny.)
white doors (we had wanted to paint our thin wooden doors white, but our garage took up all of our renovating energy)
great room (our living room, dining room, and kitchen are basically one room- considered a great room here in Florida. I have a small wall right in the center creating a slight definition of the spaces.)
As I look at this list, I am reminded that God answers prayers and gives us the desires of our hearts as long as they are in His will for us. God is not confined to our economy and world situations. He has the cattle on a thousand hills.

We need to remember not to put Him in a box, by doubting what He is capable of doing. He loves us, and wants the best for us. I would encourage you to make a list of times that God has answered your prayers, and when you are tempted to doubt His ability to provide for you, look at your list. He has taken care of you (us) before, He can do it again.


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