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                                                                               The purpose of this blog is and has always been to be an encouragement to women to honor God and love their husbands and children. It is in no way meant to be a platform for me to stand up and say, "Look at me and what I can do."

Do not measure yourself by what you see on this blog. I am not qualified to be a measuring stick. You and I need to measure ourselves according to God's Word. If we are constantly comparing ourselves to what His Word says, we will always find areas in need of improvement.

This blog is a record of and for my family of our memories, but it is also a journal for myself as I journey and grow into the woman I believe God wants me to be.

Everything in this blog is centered around the different aspects of homemaking and a woman's role in her home from a Biblical perspective. Yes, I have preferences and opinions on certain matters (Mommy Movie Review), but my preferences and opinions do not make me better than or less than someone with different preferences.

As you read (and hopefully enjoy this blog), remember that God has given each of us a unique story, situation, circumstance, and family. Our job as women is to make the most of where God has put each us.

What I want this blog to do more than anything is:
  • point you to Jesus and His love for you
  • give you ways to be encouraged as a woman, wife, and/or mother
  • give you ideas and then encourage you to tweak them to fit you and/or your family and your circumstances/ situation
  • remind you that we are all on this journey of life. You are not traveling alone. There are others around you who are experiencing the same trials and triumphs that you are, and there are those who want to journey along beside you to pray for you and offer encouragement along the way. 
Remember, "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you," Phil. 4:13. So let's get started!

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