Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Summer | The Best Yet

Today is the last Friday before school starts for us, and I must say

this has been our best summer to date!

Both Addie and Ian were big enough for us to get out and really do things this year. Quite a few of the things pictured, we were able to do multiple times throughout the summer- library time, crafts at Michael's, visits to the pool, summer movie series, as well as the things that we did at home (we have almost used up our Playdoh supply!). 

Let me add that we didn't spend much this summer either. We do not own a pool, but we know many people who do, and we were invited to swim at their homes or communities. The library classes were free, Michael's art classes were $2 for each 2 hour class (we did 5), the summer movies were either free or $1 per person depending on which theater we went to, VBS was free, and Busch Gardens was free since we purchased passes at the beginning of the year and I bring our own snacks and drinks. The activities at home were mostly free since I already had many of the supplies on hand. Netflix and Disney Jr. supplied many of our at home movies.

I hope you enjoy this Smilebox of our summer as much as we enjoyed living it.

Tomorrow (I know! A Saturday post!), I'll be giving you a list of the fun books we have read so far in the month of August.

The song is "Good to Be Alive" by Jason Gray.

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