Friday, August 2, 2013

Superwoman Had A Team

I am not Superwoman.

In fact, if I hadn't been her daughter I would have thought she was a myth. 

But when I look at my mother and all that she was able to do within the course of her day, I realize that she was not alone. 

Superwoman had a team!

Her team Leader was The Lord, and her daily quiet times with Him gave her the recharge she needed to attack the challenges in her day.

Her partner and supporter was her husband (my father). He supported her and backed her and provided so that she could do what she did best.

Her two side kicks were my sister and me.

My mother delegated some of the jobs within her home to us so that she could homeschool us, be an assistant to my father who was serving as an associate pastor, lead a women's Bible study, disciple one on one with women in our church, host gatherings in our home as part of my father's ministry responsibilities, and cook and grocery shop and do the other thins that "normal" wives do day in and day out.

My jobs were to keep my room clean, take care of the laundry, and kitchen cleanup after each meal. My sister had her own set of chores and responsibilities. 

I don't remember when our training as sidekicks started because helping was just something we always did. Our jobs were always age appropriate, and the older we got our jobs changed to meet our level of responsibility. 

Now I am the woman of my own home and I am finding that I don't have enough hands (or enough of me) to do all of the jobs that need to be done. Yet I have the same resources at my disposal that my mother had. 

I have The Lord, and my daily time with Him is an absolute must. It recharges me so that I can tackle the daily challenges I face. (A little secret I found is to just get up for a bit when I wake up in the middle of the night and spend my time in the Word. There are no distractions, and there isn't anything that I can scratch off my to do list at that time of night.)

I have a partner as well. My loving, supportive husband who provides for us so that I can be home and do what I do. He encourages me in each and every endeavor, and I in turn want to do the same for him.
I also have two little sidekicks in training. Suddenly, Addie has become a huge helper of her own doing.  In addition to the jobs that she was doing in our flashback post from Wednesday, she has begun putting the dishes away that go in the lower kitchen cabinets, she puts away her clothes that I have already folded, she uses our dust buster to vacuum up the crumbs around her and Ian's chair after each meal, and she puts her dirty clothes in the hamper. On occasion, she asks if she can help me while I am dusting. In that case, she gets a damp washcloth and is allowed to wipe down whatever she wants.

The littlest sidekick is learning to put his clothes in the hamper after being changed and putting his toys back in the appropriate bins at clean up time.

With the big help my little sidekicks offer, I already feel the sense of relief that comes with delegating some of the smaller jobs that can put big pressure on me.

Superwoman had a team.

I have a team in training.

Maybe one day Addie will think I was Superwoman. 

But more importantly, I want her to know that she had an important role on our team.

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  1. I think most girls think their Mom or Grandma is Superwoman! I know I certainly do. The way that Addie already looks up to you and admires and adores you, shows that you're doing a wonderful job and she probably DOES think you ARE Superwoman. In her heart, you already are!



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