Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Notes From Mom

Once again, I have another "Note From Mom". I heard her tell of this account so many times during my growing up, and I always loved how she put action to her retelling. Those of you who knew Mom personally will be able to picture her acting out this account.

We were newlyweds when this happened to me and your dad. We had gone to church and had dropped Grandma Adelaida at home. We left for home pretty late- about 12:00 a.m.- and we had to go to work the next day. On our way home there was a man who seemed to be driving behind us. The car we were in was very slow. We were trying to get a parking space (they lived in Brooklyn, NY at the time), but there weren't any available. We were going rather slowly to make sure we didn't miss a parking space, and the car wasn't helping either. Well, we made a right turn on 4th Avenue, still looking for a place to park, but there weren't any. Dad decided to go around our block again. We then noticed that the same car from earlier was still behind us. Dad decided to go down 3rd Avenue to look for a parking space, and we noticed that the same car continued to follow us down this dark and very secluded street. Then, we realized that the driver had turned off his headlights. Now we knew there was something wrong, but we couldn't do anything because your dad had to stop at the red light. Keep in mind, this was a one lane and one way street. The man in this particular car had managed to pull up right next to us, on a one lane street. While we waited for the light to turn green, which seemed like forever, we also noticed that something else was not right. The man in the other car began scooting across the front seat front the driver's side to the passenger's side, and he had something in his right hand. I don't know what it was. Your dad and I knew that he had bad intentions, so we began to pray to God. I felt that this man was going to kill us, so I committed my life into God's hands. But while we were praying, I felt the Lord say that we should rebuke this man in Jesus' name. That is what we began to do. We prayed with all of our might. When we opened our eyes, we noticed that the man had gotten driven his car in front of ours and was looking back at us. God did protect us that night. I wonder what this man saw, and what made him go away. I know it was the power of prayer. I wonder if he saw angels around us. One day we can ask the Lord what happened that night. (I wonder if she has already asked and knows the answer.) God is a very preset help in time of trouble. No weapon formed against us shall prosper! To the glory of God the Father!

In this very uncertain world that we are living in, it is good to know that we can be certain that we serve a God that loves and protects His people. And I am so thankful that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother is now in the presence of her Lord whom she loved and served faithfully for so many years. And, Lord, I want to know what the man saw, too.


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