Friday, June 12, 2009

Such A Brave Girl

This morning my dear, sweet girl had her 15 month doctor's appointment. My aunt Elsa met us at the office, and we enjoyed each other's company until our name was called. I am so thankful for my aunt. I have a hard time looking at Addie while she is getting her shots. She looks at me like I am supposed to help or protect her from the pain she is experiencing, but all I can do is hold her down so she doesn't squirm while she is getting the shot. She doesn't realize that this is really for her own good. So my aunt comes with me and holds Addie and then comforts her during the shots while I pace at the other end of the room or sit in silent prayer. As soon as the shots are over, my ant whisks her out of the doctor's office to distract her with outdoor things. Thank you, Aunt Elsa, for always making yourself available to us. We love and appreciate you.

In the waiting room was a little girl Addie's age. The two of them interacted so beautifully with each other. It is amazing how children can just become instant friends without reservation. Addie would reach out and touch the little girl's hand and then squeal like she had just done something wonderful. Yes, I was proud of my friendly girl.

The nurse came to get us and my little Addie followed her into the exam room, talking the whole way and trying to share her sippy cup of juice with the nurse. Her measurements were taken, and then it was time to get on the scale. But because we are now a bigger girl (not some little tiny baby), Addie was put on the big kid scale. How did we keep our squirmy little person on the scale? Mommy and Addie sang "If You're Happy and You Know It", and Addie smiled and put her arms up in the air. She is a whopping 23 lbs. and 31 inches long. She is right on target according to the growth charts. Our doctor (we love her!) came and examined her little patient. Everything is in great working order (thank you, Lord!). After the exam, the nurse came back and administered two shots. Addie screamed, Aunt Elsa calmed her down and took her outside, and I made our next appointment.

All in all, we had another good experience at our doctor's office. Later we went back to Walmart for another 5 bags of mulch (the garden is now done!) and then Bath and Body Works (they are having their semi-annual sale right now). I got some Christmas shopping done and loved my savings (I saved $96.91). Then tonight we went to Perkins for dinner where Addie put a Cherrio in her mouth! No, she did not eat the Cheerio, but, hey, I'm just glad we got it in the mouth. So many good things today. I thank God for his goodness and mercies.


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