Sunday, July 12, 2009

Restful Weekend

God was so good to put a day of rest into His grand design. We have actually had a few days of rest this weekend, and it has been such an invigorating time as a family.

On Friday, we took Addie to a local park to play on the swing and slide (everything else was too big for our tiny girl). Later in the evening, we ran a couple of errands and dropped Addie off at Grandma and Grandpop's home so we could go out for dinner. Our restaurant of choice was Carrabbas, where we went on our first date six years before (our first date was on July 11, 2003 and our wedding date was July 10, 2004). They have the most amazing Sausage Lentil Soup.

On Saturday, we went outside as a family to do some yard work. Addie helped Daddy mow the lawn (we have a riding mower), and I pulled weeds and planted seeds for flowers and a lot of different vegetables. After her hard work on the mower (it's a lot of work sitting there, looking cute, and smiling at Mommy every time you come around the corner), Daddy got out Addie's little wading pool and let her splash to her heart's content. Later, Brian and his dad went to a baseball game, and my mom-in-law and I went shopping for a bit.

This morning we went to church, and our pastor once again preached an amazing sermon using a current event as the spring board for his topic the way Jesus used a current event in Luke 13 to lead into a lesson. He made sure that every person in the congregation understood that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and each and every person needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ here on earth if they expect to spend eternity with Him one day. On another note, Addie went into the next class up for the first time. My girl is growing up.

I am so thankful for the rest that God provides for us. It is so needed and appreciated. Yes, our house looks rested as well, but I will take care of that tomorrow, Lord willing. For today, I will just rest and enjoy my family. I hope you are able to do the same.


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