Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Happy Moments from This Week

1) Having a wonderful cup of coffee. Nothing fancy. Just coffee with milk. Very comforting.
2) We took Addie to the park for a bit. She enjoyed the swing, the slide, and the walk around the park. It was nice. We were the only people there- besides the park manager. No crowds, no noise, just us.
3) Addie on Sunday morning before we left for church. She is looking like such a big girl.
4) Grandpa's visit on Thursday. He always comes bearing gifts. On this day, he brought Addie 4 Bible account pop-up books. She went through each one and was careful about not ripping them.
5) I cleaned out my cabinets this week. Addie decided to get right in there- literally. She would close the cabinets, open them back up, stick herself in the cabinet, look around, and start the process all over again. She never took anything out, she just looked.

This was a snipet of our week, and some moments that made me happy. I hope you have a happy weekend.


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