Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Addition to the "Attic"

Back during the Yahoo 360 days, I made the announcement that I had opened my own shop on called Addie's Attic . I figured that since God had given me a love of making homemade items (afghans, needlework, sewing items, etc), that I should use the gifts that He had given me to be a blessing to my family and to others. I work on the items for my shop when its little namesake is napping, or when Brian has a sporting event he wants to watch on TV. We both end up in the office, him on the couch watching his sports and me in my little closet/craft space doing what makes me happy.

Pictured is my newest addition to Addie's Attic. It is a sweet little girl doll (very much like my Addie, except Addie has more hair:) To spruce her up, I machine stitched fabric to the cloth and then hand stitched denim and buttons on top. This sweet little girl has become a favorite piece of mine.


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