Monday, October 5, 2009

Projects Update and 100th Post!

My dear friend Cathy came for a visit on Wednesday with her daughter Kenberly. As always I couldn't wait for her to arrive. I enjoy our talks, sharing ideas (Project be mentioned at a later date), and as a former nurse, I am able to ask her questions about Addie's development and get wonderful responses- things I NEVER would have thought of. For example, Addie has been waking up in the middle of the night crying lately. Cathy told me to keep track of it on the calendar because hormonal cycles can be seen early in girls. She also mentioned trying a hormone free milk with Addie to see if that helps or changes anything. I am in awe of your wisdom, Cathy!

As we were talking she brought up some of the projects that she noticed I had completed. I realized right then that I hadn't updated you on my progress (you know how bad I am about remembering updates!). Anyways, I thought I would look back at my list and see what I have accomplished with God's help.

  1. The cornices have been made and hung and look wonderful!
  2. I have organized my gift station...but gifts are always passing through (one of those jobs that is never done)
  3. Wrap all gifts...I did, and then I ended up getting more after I had already wrapped the ones I had (another ongoing project)
  4. I did complete the photo album scrapbook. Boy, did that feel good!
  5. Scrapbook the rest of the pictures in the box. I grabbed my giant square punch and punched away leaving a bunch of scraps that Addie had a field day with. I arranged the photos to make a layout for Addie that shows different members of her family and reminds her of the godly heritage she has.
  6. I made the bulletin board for Addie's room. I took our old bulletin board, spray painted it white, stapled scrapbook paper to it, and then stapled ribbon across it. It turned out beautifully (I think) and now we have a place where we can keep the list of Addie's weekly memory verses, and a picture of her little friend many miles away, Julia. (Her mommy and I were good friends back in our high school youth group days and were recently able to reconnect. If you want, check out her blog here)
So right now that is 6 out of 12 things done. Not a bad way to celebrate the 100th post of The Joy of Homemaking here on Blogger! I admit I am procrastinating about the crocheting project (did I mention that I realized I do NOT like crocheting?). Oh well, I am my mother's daughter and that means that I will not let these projects beat me. Watch out, projects, I'm motivated and dangerous!


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