Friday, November 20, 2009

Aveeno Baby and Pantene

As I have mentioned before, I am what is considered a BzzAgent. What that means is, I receive full sized products free of charge and a handful of samples along with coupons. I receive no financial benefit or monetary gain from being a BzzAgent. However, what this requires me to do is try the product for myself, pass out the free samples and coupons to others who may enjoy the product, and report back what I did or did not like about the product.

On Tuesday I received my latest campaign box filled with goodies. This campaign is for Aveeno Baby Essential Moisture Shampoo. I have 3 samples available. Each sample includes the shampoo sample, a diaper rash cream sample (also from Aveeno), and a card asking you to long on to the website to share your views on the product. By answering the questions, you have the chance to donate to charity or win gift certificates worth $100 to $1,000. Even if you do not receive a sample but you would like to voice your opinion on these products, go to and enter Conversation ID 101 282 142128.

I am also a member of VocalPoint. Once again, I get no monetary benefits from this company, just a chance to voice my opinions about new and upcoming products and coupons to pass out to others who are interested in the products. I received a packet of 5 coupons (expire 12/31/09) for $1.00 of when you buy any ONE (1) Pantene shampoo or conditioner (excludes trial size).

If you would like the Aveeno samples or the Pantene coupons, leave a comment below. It will be a first come first serve type thing so leave your comment early and please specify which item you would like me to send you. I will get your information in a more secure way.

Beginning on Monday, I will be getting into the Thanksgiving spirit by listing what I am thankful for in alphabetical order (thanks, Kristi, for the idea).


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