Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's A Dog Thing

Addie has been fascinated with dogs for a while now. She loves Grandpops and Grandma's dog, Corky. I'm not sure he completely enjoys her company. Her first animal to immitate was a dog. She loves watching "Sue Thomas F. B. Eye" with us because of Levi the hearing dog. She squeals and shouts "Arf, arf!"
On our family weekend, she was excited about the dogs. Our hotel building was called Dalmation, and we had the 2 main dalmation characters and one of their puppies in front of our building. We played among them for a bit, and, of course, Addie had to "give kisses" to the puppy (granted, it was the only one she could reach).
At Downtown Disney, we found a Daddy sized doggy that Daddy and Addie had taken a picture next to back when Addie was 2 months old. It was so much fun seeing her reaction to everything this time around. Last time, she slept through our entire adventure.
I am so thankful for the gift of children. God has brought them into our lives for us raise and train for His glory and honor. He has also given them to us to bring us joy. The Bible says that children and a gift from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward. We are to treasure our gifts, to treat them the way God views them- special, unique individuals with much potential to grow into. We also need to teach them to be little people that others find pleasant to be around. If you are blessed with a little gift of your own or you are a caregiver to a little gift, take a moment to thank God for that gift and then give that gift a little hug.
On another note, I have made a new blog in addition to this one. The new blog is called Christmas, Crafts, and Creative Ideas. That blog will probably not be as consistent as this one is, but it will house the crafty side of Suzette so that this blog can focus more on my spiritual reflections, family updates, and other things that really matter to me. In addition to my first post (I am doing an free online class by Jessica Sprague and I figured I would use that blog to do my assignments on), I am also posting a link to a lot of free printouts that should help keep Christmas a bit more organized for us. I hope you enjoy.


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