Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Wonderful Week

We were able to spend this past week down in South Florida with GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, Belinda, and Grandma Che-Che. I am so thankful that, now that I am home with Addie, when Brian goes out of town for work, I have the ability to go with him.

We left our house about 10:00 a.m. Saturday, and we made great timing, only stopping once (with a toddler in the backseat that is a major accomplishment!). We had timed it so that she would nap during the second half of the trip, but that never happened. I felt like taking her nap due to cloudy skies and the constant pitter-patter of rain on the windshield, but since I was driving our vehicle (Brian was driving his work van ahead of us), I decided to keep drinking my diet coke and tough it out.

When we arrived, we were greeted with so much love and warmth. I always love going to visit GrandTiti and family. When I watch them with Addie it makes my heart glad that she is so loved by others. As Grandma Che-Che said with teary eyes, "There are so many children in this world that don't even have the love of their parents, but Addie is loved by so many."

She was given some early Christmas presents: Pooh and Darby coloring pad with crayons and stickers (gook-gooks), some jingling bracelets, a tea set (we have all "drunk" so much tea this past week, and she makes a cute "shhhhhh" sound when she is "pouring" the tea into the cups), the most adorable green pajamas, and a beautiful cold weather outfit with the most adorable pink converse sneakers ever! Once again, God knew about a want I had for Addie (in fact I was thinking about converse sneakers the week before our trip) and provided us with a pair of girly pink converse sneakers.

In the evening, Addie was introduced to Belinda's parakeets and kept wanting to pet them and to see them fly around the room. Those poor birds looked like they were panting and hyperventilating and decided that they were better off staying in the cage than enjoying their freedom. Addie had her share of giggles and squeals and eventually, during the week, managed to be gentle enough to kiss one of the birds on the head. Half way during the week, she decided that the birds needed to sleep and would bring us the cage blanket at odd times.

Sunday morning, Uncle Jack and Brian went out for breakfast and to run a few errands, Belinda went to church, and GrandTiti hosted a ladies Bible study at her home which Addie and I were going to attend, but Addie thought she needed to serve everyone tea, so we ended up in the bedroom watching Praise Baby and Woolly the Lamb.

For dinner, GrandTiti made a turkey (a mini Thanksgiving dinner- very delicious!), the men went to watch a Sunday's worth of football, the ladies talked, and then in the evening, we visited a roadside Nativity scene, and made a stop at Dairy Queen where Addie finished off Belinda's ice cream cone (somehow she thought the ice cream cone tasted better than her cup of ice cream).

Everyone (including Brian- we were down here for Brian's business this week, and he ended up working almost 80 hours for the week. Praise God for next week's paycheck!) went to work on Monday, and Addie and I stuck as close to our normal schedule as possible throughout the week- "school" in the morning, coloring time, Veggie Tales video, runs on the back porch, tea parties, playing with baby dolls, naps, and all the other things that are important to a growing toddler.

Wednesday evening, we were able to spend time with Grandma Che-Che (my mother's mom). As soon as she walked in the door, Addie kissed her, took her by the hand, and was all over her. I could tell that my grandmother loved it and was impressed that her great-granddaughter, who didn't know her well, warmed up so quickly. I had wanted to show Grandma all that Addie has learned, but sometimes toddlers would rather play than "perform". I brought out our little white board and began writing out words and letters, and Addie read , pronounced, and signed everything. She even looked like she couldn't wait for me to write the next word, she clapped for herself along with the rest of us. I noticed a few sniffles from Grandma, but otherwise she was very composed.

On Thursday, Belinda only worked a half day and took me to a tea house while GrandTiti watched Addie. We had such a good time together, just being girls and talking and chit-chatting about girly things. I had my hair trimmed, and then we went to JoAnns for a fun time of looking through craft books and choosing some yarns to begin some projects at home. When we went home, Belinda taught me how to knit. She made it so easy to learn. The book diagrams I had tried to follow just left me in knots- literally. Now I want to play with and create things with yarn in both crochet and knit!

Yesterday, we returned home. Once again we made great time. When Addie saw Faye walk in the door, she was so excited, squealed, and couldn't figure out which would be the fastest way to get to Faye. She obviously missed Faye a lot from her reaction. Now we are just getting ourselves ready for a restful Sunday and then gearing up for next week.


I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. The words, choirs, and the orchestra just fill the room and the heart with the message and true meaning of Christmas. Christmas Angels by Michael W. Smith.


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