Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Miss Cathy

Miss Cathy is one of those people that it is a privilege to call a friend. And not just any friend. She is a true friend in the purest sense of the word. Her heart is bigger than life, and her love for others just pours out onto them. She loves you for who you are. Her hugs are as firm as her faith.

She has been an extreme blessing to us as a family, and especially to Addie. I cannot even begin to tell you all the toys and educational tools that she has blessed us with, such as the jumbo numbers, educational puzzles, the texture blocks, and nesting cups (Mommy and Daddy have just as much fun playing with the toys as she does).

She and her family invited us over during the Christmas season so that Addie could experience their Christmas decor and toys. I think everything in the house was toddler-touchable. They had the Fisher-Price Little People villages set up on the floor. Addie loved playing with each piece and discovering all of the hidden doors and noises that each set had to offer.

I am always given so much wonderful advice and affirmation by Cathy and her parents concerning Addie and her development. Miss Jane, Cathy's mother, even catches me during my let-mommy-do-that moments and gently reminds me to let-Addie-do-it. Cathy, Miss Jane, Mr. George, and Kennie, thank you for your love and friendship, your kindness and godly advice. I love you so.


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