Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Her Two Year Appointment

Unfortunately, my Aunt Elsa was sick and wasn't able to go with us to the doctor's on Friday. Titi Elsie, as we call her, has gone with me to almost all of Addie's appointments since her two month appointment. Since my Aunt Alice was with me for Addie's first week, she went with me to the one week appointment. For the one month appointment, I was not expecting her to get a shot. Boy, was I in for a surprise when the nurse asked me to hold Addie still while she administered the shot. Addie's sweet little face looked up at me with what was almost a smile, and then this look of sudden horror and fear came over her, and she began screaming for all she was worth. From then on, Titi Elsie went with me and held on to Addie during the shots while I basically stood in the corner trying to hold back my own tears.

For almost every visit, Addie has gotten a shot when we have gone to the doctor's, and because her memory is amazing, she knows that once we go through the big brown door, there are bound to be shots waiting for her.

However, this visit was going to be different. She wasn't going to get any shots since she was all caught up on her vaccinations. We waited in the waiting room to be called. She looked so big sitting in her chair all by herself reading her library books. She said hi to other children who came in and looked like she was having the time of her life...and then the nurse called us in. I know Addie had to have recognized the nurse as the one who administers the shots because as soon as she stuck her head in the waiting room to get us, the whimpering began and my little person was trying to climb up my leg while I was trying to put the library books back in the bag. I carried her into the exam room where she proceeded to cry and made the exam quite difficult. We kept telling her that she wasn't getting a shot, but a 2 year old doesn't quite "get it". As soon as the exam was over and her clothes were back on, she was the happiest little camper and was saying and waving "Bye!" to everyone.

The doctor wrote out a prescription for some blood work, and because the lab was next door, I decided to just get it over with. We walked in, Addie said "Hello!" to everyone, showed the technician the sticker she had gotten from the doctor, and was her general friendly self- poor child had no idea she was here to get poked.

The female technician took us to the back where a male tech was waiting for us. I sat in the chair, Addie sat on my lap, and I held her and her right arm down. The female technician held her left arm straight while the male tech tied the tourniquet and poked. I tried to get her attention away from what was going on, but Addie was too curious about what was happening, and she saw when the butterfly needle poked her. The crying (screaming) began, and then came the worst part. She looked at me, crying as if to say, "You are supposed to protect me!" My heart melted and I just thought, "Oh, Addie, this hurts me more than it hurts you."

As soon as it was over, she was saying her goodbyes. Thank God, her next appointment isn't until her 3rd birthday. By then, I hope she'll understand that doctors are our friends, and not every visit end with a shot.
The bottom three pictures were taken by my sister, Faye. She has taken some of our most treasured pictures. Thanks, Faye, for always being ready to snap a picture for us.


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