Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Little Inspiration

Without knowing it, Addie has become my little inspiration for weight loss. Before her birth, I had lived for about eight years on a very low carb diet. I think I had deprived myself so much that after she was born, I began eating more carbs and fewer veggies and fruits. Peanut butter and jelly was my breakfast and lunch for a while.

Now that Addie has begun eating real food, I noticed that she is choosing her carbs (mac 'n cheese and cheese puffs) and loving fruits. It made me wonder if the foods I fed her while carrying her are the ones she is gravitating to (although the fascination with mac 'n cheese has me stumped). She loves grapes, strawberries, and bananas (all chopped, of course). I even bought her all kinds of yummy cereal bars, breakfast pastries, and animal shaped crackers, but she only eats the fruit.

Because of her eating preferences, I have bought more fruits and veggies. It has been the encouragement that I needed to lose my last couple of pounds. So, Lord willing, there will be more fruits and veggies on my plate, and I should be back to my pre-pregancy weight in no time. After all, I have a very special dress to fit into by July!


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