Monday, April 5, 2010

A Fun Update From Last Week

I thought it would be fun for you all to see what I have been talking about for the last week. So on Friday I uploaded our pictures and picked out the ones that I loved the most. Don't forget to ignore the "garden" areas :). I will post a few Easter pictures tomorrow, Lord willing.

Addie and I have been enjoying our outside time very much. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I almost dread (oops, Joyce would not be happy with that!) the warm weather coming. We have been spending hours in the fresh air and sunshine. Addie loves it and my tan is coming along very nicely! When I tell her that it's time to go outside, she starts chirping, "Outside! Ball! Outside!"

I think while she was playing, she brushed into the plant, heard it make a rustling sound, and started hitting it to see it and hear it. Did I mind? Not a bit! That was one of the plants that survived the freeze that I don't even like!

On Thursday, we went to Wal-Mart. I went throught the garden center because I know one of the workers from our old church, and I wanted to say hello to her. As we walked through, I wanted to get a plant (you know how gorgeous they are in the store and how inspired you feel when you see them, but taking them home and doing something with them is a completely different story!) and Addie loved all of the "Fwowahs", so I asked her what color she wanted. They only color that she is saying right now is "Wewoh"- yellow- (she used to say "bwoo" but hasn't for a while now) so we picked up a yellow marigold. She loves her little yellow flower and carries it around with her, smelling it quite often.

Daddy came home and saw our little set up. He plopped himself right down and enjoyed the fresh air with us. Addie was drawing at this point.

Oh, my! I look like I had a rough day! Actually, it was quite wonderful! Addie earned all of the stickers for her chart that day. She ate all of her meals and did all of her other "chores".

I love this picture! On Friday, during Alone Playtime, I found Addie sitting on her toy chest reading her books.

Once again, she is carrying her little plant around. My girl loves to kick her ball around, and for a 2 year old, she has quite a stance and kick. I am trying to find a soccer team in our area for children her age. Even if we have to wait a year, I think I want her to join a team.

Coloring on our little quilt. The purple and blue squares were from material that I had used to make some skirts. I was going to make a skirt with the black floral material, but decided to use it to make a quilt instead. It is starting to come apart at the seams (literally), so I'll be doing some patching up soon.

Children are so entertaining. And I have learned from Addie that it doesn't have to take much to entertain yourself. We talk about simplicity alot, but there is nothing more simple than just looking at a child and seeing how they can be happy with little to nothing around them.

I couldn't resist this one. She would ask for stickers and then put them on her and her doll. As she would put it on the doll, she would say each of the doll's facial features and then stick her sticker there.


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