Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week In The Life

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to play along with the Week In The Life project by Ali Edwards last week. The idea was to keep the camera beside you at all times and take pictures of your day-to-day activities, moments, and events in order to do a scrapbook highlighting this one week in your life.

I learned a lot this week about things I do all the time, things I want to do more, and how much I enjoy a variation to the way things usually are. I also became more comfortable with the camera and the idea of not just putting it on automatic, but using different settings in order to "capture" my pictures the way I wanted them to look. Towards the end of the week, I began using the self-timer feature. It is so easy to forget about that little button, but it allows the one who is usually behind the camera to get into some of the shots.

These are just a few of the almost 300 pictures I took this week.

Breakfast with Joyce!
Devotions and coffee- the best way to begin any day.

Oatmeal, milk, and my cute little bug.

Dinner: Chicken and Chick Pea Soup and a bed of baby spinach with Asian Sesame dressing.

Evening playtime in the living room.
Faye, getting ready to go to work.

Playing Reader Rabbit- she is getting better with the mouse.

Baked ziti for dinner. It was a three step process: 1. Pick up the noodle and put it on the spoon. 2. Get the fork prong through the center of the noodle. 3. Eat the noodle off of the fork.

After her bath, having a snack of cheese puffs. She does what Aunt Faye does. Aunt Faye was carrying around a Gatorade, so Addie picked it up and carried it around.

Snuggles with Daddy and her evening bottle of milk. Sippy cups and juice boxes throughout the day, but at night we still do a bottle.
Morning devotions with Daddy.

We have drastically cut back on our coffee intake. I only make 6 cups in the coffee pot in the morning. Brian gets a tall latte mug and I get 2 smaller cups. I have been drinking a lot of water through the day which is better for me.

Dusting and cleaning our bedroom was on my agenda for the day.

Grandma took us to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Addie made herself the official greeter for anyone who passed by our table or looked in our direction.
Thursday began Brian's mini-vacation. While he was working around the house doing the things that are more along his lines, Addie and I got my saved avocado seeds ready for rooting.

Laundry never takes a vacation!

We also planted the pineapple crown I had been drying out.

After running some errands, Brian brought in all of the loose change from his work truck and our vehicle. Addie loves putting them into her piggy bank. And she always asks for more.

Even on his vacation, he still works hard... and he is so cute!

Watering the mulch! Eventually she realized that just turning the watering can upside down made the water come out faster.

My lunch: leftover baked ziti with half an avocado. Everyone else just had baked ziti.

Getting dinner ready. Because Thursday was the first night of the NFL draft (the real reason Brian took those days off), we had my two younger cousins and Dad over for dinner. We had rice, beans, and chicken. I found that if I let Addie sit next to me while I cook, she can't wait to try the food at our meal time.
At first when I saw the phone in the picture, I was bothered that it "ruined" the shot. But then I realized that my phone is an ever present part of my day, between calls from Brian to texts from Kristi, Victoria, and Faye. Now, I am glad it was in the shot.

I love having a full table. And I appreciate that Faye cleaned up for me so I could finish my dinner.
This was the first mowing of the year. She loves riding the mover with Daddy. She's drinking a Capri Sun. I love that I can get those for her now!

Coloring time.

I got to take a vacation from cooking this weekend. We went to Hardees for dinner since we "needed" to be home by 6:00- the time the draft started again. Self timer- camera is on the dashboard.

We both ordered the same thing and Addie shared with us.

Can you tell she had just woken up from her nap? We aren't sure if it's the fries she likes or the catsup.

My lunch: tuna salad with mango on a bed of baby spinach. Interesting combination.

Denny's for dinner. Kids eat free on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She had mac+cheese and fries.

Brian, Faye, and I all got the Everyday Value Slam.

Gotta love that face!

She suddenly started hugging us. I wonder if she was trying to express how excited and happy she was.

Faye is so great at catching those perfect moments.

Her breakfast: peanut butter on bread.

When I get ready in the morning, she likes to sit on the counter and watch me apply my make-up. Sometimes I pretend to put some on her.

Leaving church. She was so good and lasted the whole service. We just needed a diaper change towards the end, but the break was enough to get her through to the end.

Sunday was Brian's birthday. We met his grandparents and parents for dinner at Red Lobster. Addie was so good at the restaurant that a gentleman from another table came to our car as we were leaving to let us know that he thought so. I was on cloud nine!

On Saturday I had picked up some Hostas (supposedly can withstand up to -40* F) and Lantana. I went out while Addie was napping and planted them. They make me happy.

When we were first married, my mom-in-law had planted Lantana in our garden for us. They never died- perfect for me! So I picked a couple up.

The beginnings of the horrible thunderstorm we got around 5:30 and lasted until 12:00 a.m. Addie woke up crying around 9:30 from the light-up-the-night-sky lightning and the loud, house shaking thunder.

Celebrating Brian's birthday with Dad, Mom and Pops, and Jim and Faye.

I got a mini cake because not eveyone was a cake eater, some can only eat sugar-free (so we had a sugar-free apple pie also), and I did not want left over cake in the house (working on the waistline).

We played the Wii for a bit. Brian won a game of bowling against Dad, Jim, and Faye and a game of tennis against me (it was his birthday). Jim won the baseball game.
That was a glimpse at our week. Now for the fun of making adjustments to the photos, ordering my pictures (free, of course!), and putting them together in a scrapbook.


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