Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Induction Into Childhood

As a little girl, I remember baking cookies with Titi Elsie. Her cookies are the absolute, most delicious chocolate chip cookies on earth. Anytime we ask her for her recipe, she always says the same thing, "I use the Wal-mart brand refrigerated roll dough." However, when we run out and buy it, it never tastes the same! I'm convined she does something to it. Or maybe we are just tasting the love that she puts into making those cookies for those she loves.

Addie had no idea what she was missing out on in the way of cookies. In October, I had gone to a woman's Bible study. When I went to the nursery to pick Addie up, she was standing by the window looking out while all of the other children were sitting at the table eating cookies. The caretaker was baffled that Addie had no interest in eating the cookies! On our way home, I told Addie that it is a requirement of childhood that every child eat cookies with a glass of milk. Nothing changed her mind until...

On Thursday, Titi Elsie came to visit us and brought with her a plate of her wonderful chocolate chip cookies. We offered one to her, but once again, she had no interest. Later that evening, I thought Brian might want a couple of cookies. I grabbed a napkin, put two cookies on it, and called Addie over to take the cookies to Daddy. She loves being a helper and always tries to help whenever possible. Somewhere between the kitchen and the living room sofa something happened to my cookie-refusing-two-year-old. Curiosity must have overtaken her because only one of the cookies made it to Brian. After finishing that one off, she asked for another "cook-cook". My little girl has officially been inducted into childhood.


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