Friday, June 4, 2010

Simplicity: My Simple Pleasures

For today's simplicity post, I thought I would make a list for myself of the simple pleasures I enjoy. Some may seem insignificant, but that is what makes them a simple pleasure.
  • Having my devotions in the quietness of the morning before anyone has had a chance to stir.
  • Having Brian sneak up behind me with a just awakened Addie who pokes me in the back to "surprise" me.
  • Adding a flavored creamer to my morning coffee.
  • Walking Brian to his work van while holding Addie (who isn't wearing shoes).
  • Sitting at the dining room table having breakfast with Addie.
  • Sitting Addie on a chair outside with a toy while I hang clothes on the line in the morning. Hearing the lowing of the cows from the farm behind us is an added bonus.
  • Seeing an empty hamper for five minutes. Let's face it, Moms. It is never empty for longer than that.
  • Sitting on the floor in Addie's room with a magazine while she is playing to her heart's content.
  • Playing with Addie.
  • Calling and receiving calls from Brian throughout the day to see how his day is going.
  • Texting Kristi and Victoria throughout the day.
  • Having dinner ready for Brian when he walks in the door (or soon after).
  • Hearing new words that Addie has learned without me realizing it.
  • Playing a game of Skip-Bo in the evening with Brian (he always wins).
  • Eating string cheese.
  • Having Addie sleep for two and a half to three hours for her nap.
  • Having Addie rest on my shoulder for about ten minutes after her nap is over (yesterday, she fell back to sleep on me).
  • Greeting Brian when he comes home from work and thanking God for bringing him home safely.
  • Being able to feed Addie what we are eating for dinner.
  • A refreshing glass of water.
  • Going to Publix and having many of the workers know me and Addie.
  • Looking at my Lantana flowers.
  • Counting all of the little tomatoes growing on the plant outside Addie's room.
  • Hearing Addie say, "I wove day more" (I love you more). It makes us melt.
  • Putting Addie's toys away as a family.
  • Praying with Addie before she goes to bed as a family.
  • Walking through my parents-in-law's grass with bare feet (I would never do that in our yard!).
  • Laughing with Addie.
  • Talking to loved ones, family, and friends on the phone and in person.
  • Titi Elsie's chocolate chip cookies.
  • Being able to talk with Addie and having her understand me and me understand her.
  • Talking to Brian.
  • Laughing with Brian.
  • Dreaming of the future with Brian.
When I began the list, I didn't realize how many things I had. In fact, I had to stop because my list was getting too long for the post. One thing I noticed when going back over the list, is that very few of these revolve around "stuff" of any kind. Many of them revolve around my family or things outdoors. I am so thankful for all of the simple pleasures that God has allowed me to see and recognize in my life. God has truly blessed us as a family.


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