Friday, June 11, 2010

Simplicity: Taking Advantage of Local Events

There are always local events happening, especially during the summer, which are simple but provide wonderful family entertainment. By becoming a FaceBook fan of a variety of restaurants, parks, and museums, you can find our about many of these events and specials that they may offer that are not broadcasted to the general public. Also by checking weekly in your cities newspaper entertainment section you can find out about small and large, free or low cost events that you can enjoy with your family.
Tuesday evening, Chik-Fil-A hosted a kick off to summer event. Except for the price of dinner, the event was free. We had a wonderful dinner together and then went outside where the event was being held. There was "the cow". When Addie saw him walking around the building she was giddy with excitement.  We are talking about a major case of the giggles, telling everyone she saw about the cow, and trying to urge us out to where the cow was!  When Brian took her to meet the cow, she could hold on to him tight enough (notice the little speck of a person trying to disappear into her daddy?). She was given a little cow of her very own.

We also got a doggie balloon. When the balloon man was making the dog's tail, he had Addie blow on it and suddenly, there it was! She loved it! There was also a bouncy house and several games for older children to participate in.

Look for events that your family can enjoy that are local and free or low cost. It is a simple way that you and your family can enjoy each other and make a memory.


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