Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Story: Our 6th Anniversary... A Look Back

They say time flies when you are having fun, but I cannot believe how fast it flies.  Today is our 6th wedding anniversary.  Six years ago today around 12:15 p.m. I received my first kiss ever from the man I am married to.  Here are some photos and some specific memories from that wonderful day.

Once my bridesmaids, my dad, and I drove off in the limo, we were surprised to find ourselves back at the door to our home.  My father, who performed half of the ceremony, forgot the little book that had all of the lines that he was supposed to say!  And who says the father of the bride doesn't get any nerves that day!

Brian and his father, who we lovingly call Pops, are very close.  When it was time for Brian to decide who his best man would be, he didn't hesitate to ask his father to be the best man.   

After being walked down by our fathers, our mothers proceeded to light the candles beside the unity candle.  Mom had a little problem, though.  Her lighter would not start!  She was such a cutie!  Eventually, she figured out the problem and the wedding continued. 

The song we never heard.  That is what we ended up naming the song that was sung at the beginning of the wedding.  The words on the sheet music were beautiful, and the tune on the soundtrack was sweet, but for some reason, we never actually heard the two together!  Oh, well.

The moment every bride waits for... to see the look on his face when he sees her in her wedding dress for the first time.  It was a priceless moment.

I wanted a beautiful story read at my wedding.  It was an analogy about purity. Because many of my students were present and had known that Brian and I waited to kiss each other for this special day and because I had sewn Brian a cross-stitched picture for our home of a young man and woman going on a picnic, I had the story read because all of this tied together.  The story took me only 5 minutes to read to myself... I happen to be a fast reader.  When the story was read aloud at the wedding, it took 20 minutes!  It has come to be known as the longest story ever read.
As was mentioned, this was my first kiss.  As Brian was given the go ahead by my father (who ironically had let him know that I was saving my first kiss for my wedding day when he asked for permission to date me), he said, "It was well worth the wait, Baby!" 

My mother had sold her Princess House silverware in order for us to have a horse and carriage.  As part of the service she was told that there would be a red carpet leading to the carriage for us to walk on.  The bridal party was told during the rehearsal that they were to line the red carpet for us to walk through.  When the doors opened after the wedding, we were left looking at a red bath rug! If it weren't for moments like that, where would the memories be?

Neither of us had gotten to see the wedding band that the other had bought until we put them on each other, so we took a moment to just look.

Because I was having two receptions (one small cake and punch one at the church for those who had come to the wedding but were not coming to the main reception), I had my bouquet toss from the carriage so that my students could participate.  And wouldn't you know, one of my students did catch the toss bouquet!

Our limo drove us to the entrance of the community that we were having our reception at.  The horse and buggy were waiting for us to take us to the clubhouse.  It was a wonderful 20 minutes that Brian and I had to finally be alone. 

Food.  I'm sure there was lots of food.  I'm sure the food was delicious.  Unfortunately, we never got to enjoy it.  From pictures, to greeting our guests, to more pictures, food was the last thing we got to have any of. 

Our cake was very nice.  All I got to enjoy was the bite used for the pictures.  However, we did get to enjoy our cake a year later on our first anniversary.  Brian and I had discussed before hand that we would not do any cake smashing.  We had shown each other so much respect during our courtship, it would seem disrespectful to let it all go now.  We politely fed each other our one piece of cake before being rushed away to another round of greetings and pictures.

And so began our wonderful life together.


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