Monday, August 9, 2010

A Gathering of Women

The women in our family gather on regular occassions for many reasons. We gather to share stories, ideas, tips, and food.  We gather to help each other work through loss and sadness, gain and joy, marriage and babies.  We gather to share newlywed stories, new mother stories, tips on how to handle the many stages of life, marriage, and child raising.  We gather to bring encouragement, a plate of chocolate chip cookies, and dinner when it is needed.  

Two weeks ago, some of the women in our family gathered at Faye and Jim's home as Faye hosted her first luncheon as a married women in her home.  (All photos taken by Victoria.)

Faye was a perfect hostess.  We walked into her home and felt welcomed immediately.  With the Seabiscuit soundtrack going in the background in addition the sounds of a group of women with Spanish heritage, the house was alive with sound.

Instead of having anyone standing around, Faye gathered us into the kitchen and around the counter and deleated jobs to us to help finish up the final touches to lunch.  She already had everything pretty much set up, but it was nice to jump in and help.

Addie and the twins spent quite a bit of time looking for Frankie (Uncle Jim and Aunt Faye's Cat).  Victoria got a hold of him when he finally came out and held on to him so the girls could pet him for a bit.

Faye served empanadas (a Hispanic fried meat or cheese pastry type food similar to a perogi) which were absolutely delicious!  She also had an assortment of fruits, nuts, crackers and cheese (Addie's favorite). 

...and the coffee was delicious!

Oh, Victoria (Torya) you are a brave soul to hand your cell phone over to Addie.  Not only did she change your wallpaper picture but she also added two contacts!

In our family, the kitchen is where the women gather.  We feel right at home with our hands busy, a pot of coffee brewing, and a good conversation stimulating the air.

One day, you will understand the value of the gathering of women in the kitchens of the various homes we go to.  And I pray that you grow to appreciate the women God has surrounded us with.

That is a pretzel rod in her mouth.  That is my Addie Girl!

Addie and I had to leave a little earlier than everyone else, but the rest of the group stayed behind to play some games.

There was one young man at Faye's that day.  Our younger cousin Josh came along.  And as the only "man" present he was asked to pray the blessing over the food.

What kinds of gatherings to you and your family enjoy?  I'd love to hear about them.


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