Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Evening at the Park

Last week, as Brian was practicing with his new team, Addie and I went over to the playground and met up with a friend and her granddaughter.  I was so glad that Addie had a chance to interact with other children around her own age.  It was fun seeing the interaction.  (I say interaction, but it was more like she played with them but alone at the same time.)

Because I didn't realize there was a sand box (basically the entire playground is a sandbox, but there is one designated area for playing in the sand), I didn't bring any of her "sand" toys.  However, other children did have toys and were willing to share.  Of course, a two and a half year old doesn't realize that just because a toy is there doesn't mean we can play with it without asking. 

She was prompted to ask "Please?" and then say "Thank you," when she was given permission to play with a toy by either the parent or child.  When we got a little excited and began tossing the sand in the air, she politely said, "Sar-day".  As children left and needed to take their toys with them, she would give the toys to their rightful owner and look for something else to play with. 

I was so proud of her, and she did a really good job.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and it was time to find Daddy.  I'm not sure if it was the sand or the kids that she didn't want to leave.  Mommy and Addie had to have a little talk, and soon we were on our way. 

The whole ride home, Addie kept talking about Daddy playing baseball (she is too young to understand the difference between softball and baseball, and since she is familiar with the Rays baseball team, we just let her say that Daddy plays baseball).  After a bath, our little pumpkin hopped right into bed, completely happy and tired from a fun evening at the park.

I look forward to more evenings at the park- especially as the weather gets cooler.  The fellowship, the interactions that Addie will have with other children, the fresh air, the sand in her hair, and the good sleep from having played so hard and well. 


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