Monday, September 6, 2010

Her Point of View

Sometimes Mommy does something absolutely crazy!  She hands the camera over to her two and a half year old and lets her "have at it".  In this world of technology, children are learning how to handle electronics early and they actually use them correctly (case in point, Addie knows how to put her videos in the DVD player and VCR)!  Because Addie has seen us use the camera her entire life (yes, moments after birth the clicking began thanks to Aunt Faye and all of our other family members), she knows exactly where to look and which button to push. 

A few weeks ago, I let her take pictures around the house.  Below are some of the photos taken from her point of view.

Mommy's leg.

Her table and Play-doh.

The two most important seats in the house- the Elmo chair and potty.

Victoria and Christina- we had a great visit with them. Looking forward to the next time.

Victoria and Christina are BCFs- best cousin friends.

She is pretty artistic with the camera!

A semi-self-potrait... I had just opened up the mail and had received Miss Nancy's book on the story of her life. Can't wait to read it!

A corner in her room.

Looking out her window- I seriously need to trim those bushes.  I just hate yard work!

Addie's baby. Watching Addie hold and love on this doll is making more comfortable with the idea of a little brother or sister in the future.

Mommy- bet you couldn't figure that one out!

Silly Daddy!


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