Friday, September 3, 2010

Simplicity: A Look Back at the Schedule

How are things going for you in the way of simplicity?

If you have chosen to figure out the bones of your schedule, have you found that you actually have a lot of extra time to enjoy?

Our schedule is moving along quite nicely over here.  I have stuck with my 5:00 wake up time. As I am waking up and climbing out of bed, I tell myself that I am going to take a nap later in the day, but by the time Addie goes down for a nap, I still have so much energy that I just keep going (blogging, scrapbooking, reading, etc.).  My quiet time has been awesome, my house work is finished before Addie wakes up (except for vacuuming and dusting her room), and I have the whole day to look forward to.  Brian really likes my schedule, too, since he gets his meals when he walks in the door, and I am able to just sit and hang out (still working on just sitting- not that easy for me).

Addie is even becoming familiar with our schedule.  After breakfast and getting dressed, she sits herself right down at ther little table, folds her hands (we pray before we begin school), and waits for me to sit down to begin our lesson time.  She wakes up at her normal time every morning, and when naptime and bedtime come, she walks (sometimes runs) over to her bed, climbs in, and waits for us to pray with her.  We are convinced that she has a little clock in her head because she always seems to know when the couple of shows she watches comes on... or maybe she just knows the schedule too well.

Another aspect of our schedule which just began this week is Brian's involvement in a men's softball team.  We are really excited about this! Brian had played on softball teams when I first began to know him.  In fact, it was at our church softball games that we first started talking to each other (he was interested in me, but I saw him as just being my friend).  This is a new addition to our weekly schedule (twice a week).  Not only will it allow us to make more wonderful memories together, but it will give all three of us fellowship with Christian friends who are also on the team (quite a few of the guys were in our wedding) and whose wives and children will be in attendance.  

I would love to hear your schedule ideas!  Feel free to leave a comment sharing what is working for you right now.

Have a great weekend!


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