Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy Movie Review

Beginning next week, Kristi and I are going to begin a weekly series called Mommy Movie Review.  As of right now, we have a list of ten movies each of us plan on reviewing and rating which makes a total of twenty movies.  We are looking forward to sharing with you our takes and opinions on different movies that we will or will not allow our children to view. 

Each week there will be two movies, one from me and one from Kristi, that we will review and give you the pros and cons for.  Please understand that these are our opinions. You can take them or leave them.  We are not telling you what is right or wrong for you to watch with your children.  God speaks to each person differently and some things may bother me but not you.  That's fine.  We are just sharing with you what we see in these movies from the view point of mothers that are careful about what our children watch. 

We will also be sharing with you the lessons that we see in the movie which you can use to teach your child(ren) practical, everyday lessons.  This was something my my parents did with us and I find myself doing the same with Addie (especially since I sit with her to watch her movies).

Another thing that I need to preface my reviews with is that we have a TVGaurdian (TVG- thank you, Dad!) installed on our television.  TVG has a list of words preprogrammed into it that are commonly known as swear words, curse words, or words that have more than one meaning but one meaning has a bad use.  When these words come up, the TVG mutes the television and puts a substitute phrase on the screen.  Because the word "God" is sadly used in association with swear words, anytime the TVG recognizes the word coming up, it mutes the TV regardless of the context.  The TVG recognizes words not context.  Because of the TVGaurdian, we do not hear words that you may hear when watching a video if you do not have the TVG. 

As parents, we need to be careful of what we put into the minds of our children.  Once something is imprinted in their minds, it is there forever.  We need to be sure that what we allow our children to view matches up to what God's Word says.  I also think that it is important that we watch the movies along with our children and constantly remind them of the lessons in each movie.  They learn through repetition, and it is unfair to them for us to expect them to learn these lessons in one sitting.

I am really looking forward to this new series.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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