Friday, October 1, 2010

Simplicity: Some Tips

Here are a few simple tips I've heard recently which I absolutely love.

Set your coffee pot in the evening so that in the morning, all you have to do is push the little button (those of you who have programable coffee pots have it made!).  Once the coffee is on, we are more ready to face the day.  Spoken like a true coffee dependent.

After cleaning up after dinner, prepare the lunches for the next day.  You are still in the kitchen and you won't have to stop what you are doing later to go back to prep the lunches.

How many of you love cleaning out your showers? (that was a completely rhetorical question)  Rather than spending more than you need to on bathroom cleaners and shower and tile cleaners, good old dish soap does miracles.  Because it is designed to break apart oil and grease, it easily breaks through the yuckies in the shower with absolutely no scrubbing!  Does it get any better than that!

This month in the Good Housekeeping magazine, Jamie Lee Curtis gave the tip to put one wet washcloth under each foot and then "skate" around your kitchen to give your floors a good cleaning.  As I "skated", I squirted a bit of bleached cleaning solution ahead on me to really get the floors cleaned (so were the bottoms of my feet).

This one is courtesy of my parents-in-law.  Lay a few layers of newspaper down in your flower beds to keep weeds at bay.  Once the weather gets cooler, I will definitely be doing this!  You all know how much I hate greatly dislike weeding.

Rather than cleaning your whole house in one shot (almost impossible for those with small children), divide your house into sections and then clean one section a day.  It makes for a consistently clean house and less stress on you. 

Let your children help you in whatever way they can.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but they feel useful and you have an extra hand.

Have a simply wonderful Friday!


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