Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And I Quote....

The following are quotes that were heard throughout the last month and a half by our little girl. Brian and I have done a lot of laughing to say the least. Addie has Daddy's natural way of being funny without trying to be.

One morning as we were spending time with Brian in the kitchen before he went to work, Addie began walking on her tiptoes. When I asked her why, she responded, "I want to be long!" (We had been learning about opposites, and the worksheet compared long to short instead of tall and short.)

We have been hearing, "Mommy (or Daddy), what you doing?" a lot! I remembered Kristi saying that Julia went through that phase and that she was just trying to make conversation with her mommy, so I have been trying to come up with creative answers to her question- especially since she asks it repeatedly within seconds of each other.

We have been using Dr. Leman's method of training since beginning his book. He says that if a child begins to fuss or whine about a situation, remove yourself (or if possible put them in time out) in order to remove what they want most- an audience. As I was hanging clothes in Brian and my closet, Addie came in with me and saw some fun things that I am saving for her when she is a little older. She began whining for them when I told her no. Because my next order of business was to clean and organize her room, I opted not to put her in time out (which is in her room) but to just walk away from her. A few minutes later, my fake whimpering child came to me and said, "But Mommy, I'm crying!"

We have a copy of the cartoon version of Ben-Hur.  As I have mentioned before, Addie has named it Jesus in the Heart.  Several Saturday's ago, she was laying on the sofa-bed with Daddy watching her "moodie" and I heard her little voice squeal when she saw Jesus.  She squealed, "Jesus in the heart!  Awww, He's so kind!"  Yep, I melted into a puddle.

In the same movie, a guard comes over and hits the cup of water that Jesus is feeding to Judah Ben-Hur out of His hand.  Addie always shouts, "Oh no! He kick-a the water!"

When Daddy stretches out before playing softball, Addie gets down on the floor and stretches, too.  She certainly sounds like she is stretching out.  The other night, she got down next to Daddy as I was stretching him out and kept asking, "You okay, Daddy?  It's okay!"

While at Grandma's house recently, Addie asked for water.  Grandma asked, "Do you want aqua?" Addie replied flatly, "No. Water."  I guess I am supposed to be teaching her some basic Spanish.....

While Brian was trying to take a nap on Sunday, a very happy little Addie would poke her face infront of his, smile wide, and say, "I happy!"   

Right now, her favorite thing is to put on the Rocfish  "A Prodigal Tail" DVD and dance along with the songs.  She even has some of the hand movements down pat!  As she is dancing, she always shouts, "Mommy/Daddy, watch!"

She is constantly growing, learning, changing into a little girl.  My baby is growing up!  Addie, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, and we think you are the greatest!


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