Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Around Here

AROUND HERE our mornings start with coffee, devotions, smiles, hugs, and Kitty Cat.

AROUND HERE we have camp outs in the office on weekends.  We watch cartoons and DVDs and Little House episodes. We love our weekends.

AROUND HERE we are learning to print our name (thanks, Aunt Kristi for the link!) and doing a really good job of it too!

AROUND HERE we look forward to surprise visits from Aunt Faye.  I'm sure you have heard Addie's excitement at seeing Aunt Faye from wherever you are.

AROUND HERE I found a large piece of posterboard that I just couldn't leave alone.  I measured and drew out the date chart, cut out the leaves, numbers, and letters with my die cutting machines, and put it all together in one day.  Daddy put it up in Addie's room and now every morning we put up one leaf (toddlers understand the here and now rather than the big picture).

AROUND HERE we have finally come to love our dolls.  We have one favorite that we wrap up in the blankets that Titi Elsie (Lala) made and give her the bottles that GrandTiti sent.  When Mommy swaddles the baby in the blankets, Addie calls her "Baby Jesus".

AROUND HERE we are enjoying the cooler weather.  This is the closest we will probably ever get to having snow, but I think we are okay with that.  We are loving our sweaters, jackets, fleeces, and hats.


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