Monday, November 29, 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Babe

Addie is quite the animal lover, and one of her first favorite movies was Babe.  So this week I am going to look at Babe for the Mommy Movie Review.  Don't forget to check over at Kristi's blog to see her review on Beauty and the Beast.

Babe is the story of a runty pig who is used in a fair guessing booth and is won by Farmer Hoggit.  The farmer notices that Babe is not just any other pig, but has certain organizational qualities that make him quite useful.  The Farmer has the idea to enter Babe in a Sheep Herding Contest where he surprises the world with his talents.

Suzette's Positives
  • From a clearly child-friendly perspective, the animals are wonderful for children to see.  Addie loved this movie from the very beginning because of all of the farm animals and because she could show off that she knew what sound each one made.
  • I love how kind the animals are with Babe when he first comes to live on the farm and how kind Babe is towards the other animals.  He is even kind to the sheep in spite of the fact that Fly, the sheepdog and his adoptive mother, tells him that sheep are stupid animals.
  • I love that Babe isn't satisfied being in the mold that "farm" society sets for him.  He knows what he is capable of and pursues his dream.
  • Pride and humility are compared beautifully.  Babe has a sweet humility about him that endears him to the other animals.  Fly and         are the proud sheepdogs who see themselves as being above the rest of the farm animals, yet they both have to swallow their pride in order to help Babe when it matters the most.
  • "Silence is golden" is a virtue that is shown through the life of the farmer, while the opposite is displayed through the farmer's wife. 
Suzette's negatives
  • The sheepdogs call several of the animal groups "stupid animals".  Stupid is not a good word around here. 
  • The dairy cow has a voice where you can't tell if it is a man or a woman, throwing an unnecessary  message into the mix.
Suzette's Rating: 9.5


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