Monday, November 22, 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Joseph: King of Dreams

This week we will be looking at Joseph: King of Dreams in our Mommy Movie Review.  Don't forget to check out Kristi's review of Alice in Wonderland.

Before I go into my review of Joseph, I wanted to look back at The Prince of Egypt quickly.  Addie and I were watching it this week, and I realized that there was one scene that I never addressed that we have never let Addie see (and that I never allowed my students to watch in class).  It is the scene where the priests of Ra sing their song after Moses turns his staff into a snake.  Yes, the Bible says that the priests turned their staffs into snakes, too, but I don't need Addie to be exposed to a song and dance that glorifies the false gods in Egypt.  Because our version of the movie is a VHS, as I am fast forwarding, I can see that it is not made obvious that Moses' staff/snake swallows the staffs/snakes of the priests.

Joseph: King of Dreams is not on my list of favorites, but it is one that comes out once in a while.  Although it is based on the account from Genesis, there is a lot of liscence taken (as in The Prince of Egypt).  Some dreams are added in that the Bible never mentions. Jacobs wife is never named, but she is implied to be Rachel. And although this movie was supposed to be done in the syle of The Prince of Egypt, it just doesn't hit the mark as being as well done.

As a sweet movie, it is a great one to watch with children and is clean and wholesome.  But as a Bible account, it definitely needs parental guidance so that our children do not learn the account incorrectly based on what they see portrayed.  Children (and even adults) sometimes think that what they see on TV is fact and true, so it is important for us as parents to know what the Bible says happened in the account so we can point out the inacuarcies to our children.

Suzette's rating: 8

Alice in Wonderland is a sweet movie about a girl who falls asleep and finds herself in Wonderland.  I loved that movie as a young girl and once I can find it in the libary, I can't wait to share it with Addie.  I think she will love the White Rabbit.   


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