Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Birthday: Part 2- The Zoo

My ideal birthday is spending quality time with Brian and Addie doing something fun and building a memory.  I was given exactly what I wanted.

My actual birthday had two parts to it.  The first part was a trip to the zoo with Brian and Addie.  As you remember from this post, we had taken Addie to the zoo for her birthday, but since she had just turned 2, she didn't really "get it" like she did this time around. 

My favorite part was the gibbon exhibit in the center of the primate section.  They put on a show for us which was worth the price of admission (we only had to pay for Brian's ticket- Because Addie is 2 and it was my birthday, we were both free).  The gibbons almost sounded like they were singing.  They would get louder and louder, and then one (the father) couldn't contain himself.  He would grab onto a rope, swing for all he was worth and let out a shout that sounded like, "Yaaaaah-hooooo!"  All I could think of was what Jesus said to the Pharisees that if He silenced His disciples the rocks (or, in this case, gibbons) would cry out.   

We then made our way through the exhibits.  At one point we found a carousel.  Addie asked for a ride, and of course, we agreed.  When we asked her what animal she wanted to sit on, she said, "The lion!"  Lion, leopard, jaguar... close enough for me.  I was proud of her when earlier in the visit, she called a leopard a jaguar.  At least, in my mind, she knew it was a different type of wild cat.

The "araffes" (giraffes) are a big hit with our little person as well as the "eh-fants" (elephants).  "Ze-zahs" (zebras) have also made the cut for being favorites.  "Poor-tah-pottys" (hippos- please tell me where she got that one from!), "nocers" (rhinos),  and "nun-keys" (monkeys) are just a few more of our fun pronunciations. 

Only my husband would would look a Red River Hog and say loud enough for it to hear, "There's a lot of bacon there." Honestly!

In the Outback section of the zoo we got to pet some of the farm animals.  That was alot of fun.  Addie had a blast and wanted to pet every single goat in the pen.

Brian, thank you for giving me the kind of day I wanted for my birthday.  One with you and Addie building a memory together.  It was a perfect day.


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