Friday, November 19, 2010

Simplicity: Autumn Clean Out- The Bathrooms and Office

On Friday of last week and Monday of this week, I decided to really plow ahead with my deep clean.  I tackled the two bathrooms on Friday in addition to the kitchen (I smelled like cleaners for at least a full day!).  Bathrooms are my least favorite rooms to clean (I know I am not the only one!), so I tackled them both together.The rest of this week and early next week I will be tackling the bedrooms. 

I will give you my lists for all of the above rooms since next week begin the Thanksgiving/Christmas season and all of my posts from there on to the end of the year will be holiday related (except for the Mommy Movie Review which will continue as usual).

The Bathroom(s)
  • Completely empty bathroom (bath rugs, accessories, hanging towels, etc.)
  • Spray everything with your choice of cleaner (this time around I used Lysol 4-in-1 cleaner)
  • Scrub sinks, counters, tubs, showers, and the "throne".
  • Vacuum the floor (the hair that I lose on a daily basis could make a wig!)
  • Mop the floor
  • Replace all other items
  • Make a Dreams to Fulfill list
  1. In the master bath, find two sets of shower curtains which can hide the shower (glass door) and also be used to make drapes for the garden tub.
  2. Find a complimentary set of curtains for the window.
  3. New bath mat (had ours since we were married).
  4. Make wall appliques for above the closet and "throne room".
  • Clear off book shelves and give each shelf a good dusting
  • Replace books by height (with a two year old, this will only be temporary- I know).
  • Dust wall decorations
  • Clear off desk and dust
  • File papers appropriately
  • Vacuum
  • Make Dreams to Fulfill list
  1. Get a slip cover for the sofa bed and pillows.
  2. Swap office with one of the other rooms (either Faye's old room or Addie's current room)
  • Remove all extras from room (in Addie's room that means all of the toys- oh my!)
  • Try to move as much furniture out of the way as possible (in our bedroom that will be virtually impossible- but you never know what you are capable until you try it...)
  • Dust all furniture.
  • I recently washed all of our bedding (bedspreads, etc.) so I won't be doing that right now, but you may want to.
  • Vacuum
  • Replace furniture (if you were strong enough to move it on your own)
  • Dust wall decor and replace.
  • Make a Dreams to Fulfill list:
  1. Hang curtains in both bedrooms.
  2. Find a way to rearrange bedroom furniture.

As I mentioned above, for the rest of the year all of my posts will be Thanksgiving/Christmas related.  Although I will continue posting on a daily basis, the schedule that we have become familiar with will slightly change.  On Mondays we will continue having the Mommy Movie Review and Saturday will continue to be the Saturday Recipe Swap, but all other posts will not fall under our normal categories (in all honesty, I know I won't be doing a whole lot of reading next month- so Book Club Thursday will temporarily come to a halt).  We will go back to our normal posting schedule after the New Year.

I look forward to the excitement of  the next month and a half.


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