Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas: Our Family's Holiday Values

Last year, I did a free online class with Jessica Sprague called Holidays in Hand. It involved a lot of writing prompts to make one think about Christmas in detail and to trigger thoughts and ideas that one would not usually think to write down.  The prompt that I chose for today (which I actually wrote last year and added onto this year) was to describe what our family's holiday (Christmas) values are.

My goals for this Christmas are to relax and enjoy every moment of December with Brian and Addie, to keep Christ at the forefront of every celebration during Christmas time, to teach Addie about the real reason we celebrate Christmas, to include our extended family in as many of our celebrations, to have a special evening of watching the Veggie Tales "Saint Nicholas" with other children in the family, to enjoy as much of the free or inexpensive activities our church and community has to offer, and to make Christmas Eve a special time for friends and family alike.

Some things I want to do this month are:
  1. Take a walk to look at lights.
  2. Take desserts to a few places that service us.
  3. Rent Mickey's Christmas for Addie.
  4. Watch our church's Christmas program. 
  5. Go to Homosassa Springs for their light display.
  6. See the Symphony of Lights at the Mall.
It is finally here! Happy December!


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