Friday, December 3, 2010

Simplicity in Decorating

This year, I have really taken a conscious approach to keeping our decorating simple. I have done this in several ways.
  • Before Christmas ever came around, I had Brian bring down everything from the attic (Thank you, Dear. I know  how heavy those boxes were.).  I then went through each box and decided what I was going to use and what was no longer needed, necessary, or wanted.  That left me with fewer boxes to go through when I started decorating.  The things I decided not to keep, I sold in a garage sale (Christmas money!).
  • I spread my decorating over several days.  Let's face it, it doesn't all have to get done in one day!
  • The first room I did was Addie's. Usually the main tree in the living room is done first, but this year because Addie is very much aware of lights and Christmas trees, I wanted to do something for her to get her excited.  I had a small Christmas tree that I used in my classroom for ten years.  That little tree with a few simple ornaments and one string of lights now has a new home in Addie's room and one very happy (and proud) little owner.
  • The next day, I did tackle our tree.  For the last 6 years I have used the ornaments that we bought during the "after Christmas" sales the Christmas before we were married.  Last year, I saw that the tree looked rather dark (my ornaments were rustic country looking).  I decided last year that I wanted to change the scheme to red and white.  After Christmas, I picked up two boxes of red and white balls and the bow at the top.  Dad brought me the rest of the ornaments and I love my new tree!
  • On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I set up the rest of the decorations (wreaths, table decor, our kissing ball-which works quite well!).  What I did not use, I have decided to save for next year's garage sale.  
  • I have also decided what I need to look for during the after Christmas sales (I never buy decorations before Christmas).  I am thinking that next year, I want to put a wreath on every door in our home.  I am also going to look for ready made bows for each wreath.  Mom was a master bow maker, and I cannot tell you how many times she tried to teach me how to make them.  I always told her, "Oh, Mom, if I need a bow I'll just have you make it for me."  Now, I'm trying to remember the steps she used to say when making a bow. 
Make your decorating a simple process for yourself so you can enjoy more of the season.  I am all done decorating (have been for almost a week now), and I am ready for a month of celebrating and making memories.


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