Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Addie is growing like a weed spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  By spiritually, I mean that her understanding of Jesus, pleasing Him, and doing what is right is growing.  Her vocabulary is constantly amazing us, and her uses of her vocabulary makes us laugh all the time.

Yesterday, as I was dusting the livingroom, I had my hair pulled back in a butterfly clip to keep it out of my way. After I finished, I sat down with her on the couch. Addie reached up, unclipped my hair, and said, "This is Mommy!"  I immediately thought of my dad.  When I was 8, his hand slipped while shaving around his beard leaving his beard unfixable.  He decided to just shave the whole thing off.  He came into the livingroom where I broke down in tears, crying, "You're not my Daddy!"  He grew back the beard and still has it to this day.  I guess I will forever have long hair that is always down for my little girl's sake.  My dad's response, "Justice is Divine!"

In the evenings, we read a devotional and then Brian prays.  Addie somehow feels the need to nightly remind us of the order of things are supposed to go by saying, "Now Daddy's turn!"

I made an oriental stir fry the other night which included broccoli.  As Addie ate her chopped up pieces of broccoli, she said, "I eat the trees."  She also thinks that salad is grass!

She loves the commercial "We are Farmers" and ends it with "bum-ba-dum-bum-bum-pum-pum!"

Brian has a pair of pajamas that are orange and navy plaid with an orange shirt.  Anytime he chooses these, Addie calls him Swiper (as in Swiper from Dora the Explorer)!

She is always cooking in her little kitchen and always making us coffee (that's my girl!).  Once, I asked if I could have some chocolate milk in my coffee (never really tried it, but it sounded interesting).  She became very serious, and said, "No, no chocolate milk. I'll give you some orange juice."  Ummmm..... somehow orange juice and coffee just doesn't sound appetizing. 

She has her pronoun usage a little confused (I think that's normal at this age). She will tell me, "Mommy, I miss me!" (Mommy, I miss you!- not sure why since we are always together!) or "Grandpa, feed her?" (Grandpa, feed me?- which he always does and then we have to rectify during the week between visits.  But I know he eats up those moments!) 

Because Mom is no longer here, I have had to teach Addie her heritage using the wedding pictures on the wall of the dining room.  Once as Dad was leaving, she asked him if he was going home to see "Mwa-mwa Anne".  We were all a little shocked to say the least.

Oh, little girl, I cannot believe you are going to be three next month.  You are growing way too fast for me. Daddy and I have some fun things planned for you next month.  Some of your favorite things!  As much as I wish you would stay my itty-bitty baby girl forever, I can't wait to see the little girl you are going to grow into. I love you- bigger!


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