Monday, January 17, 2011

The Perfect Picture

On Tuesday, I was taking some timed pictures of Addie and me having our school time for my album (Brian has begun calling it our yearbook- I kind of like that title).  This was one of the shots.  And I love it!  Yes, it is very blurry and because of the light setting I had the camera on too much light is coming through, but it's perfect! Look at that little ham sitting next to me!  Is her personality not shining through all over the place!  I cannot for the life of me remember exactly what she was saying, or singing, and babbling about, but I can hear her little voice as clear as day. 

In all of the other shots, she is cooperating and doing her work dutifully, but this one just captures that little moment in time, that little tilt of her head towards me, that silly smile, and you can almost hear this one.  It's perfect!

Although this is not going to be my picture of the day for Tuesday, I am blowing it up to a 5x7 to put into the album with the journaling below layered on top of it.

This is the most perfectly imperfect picture. Although it is blurry, you can clearly see the love that I have for my daughter.  Although it is blurry, you can clearly see the differences in our personalities- me having the let's-focus-on-the-task-at-hand look and Addie having the oh-let's-just-have-fun-and-if-we-finish-we-finish look. I love this picture.I think I always will because although the quality is blurry, it probably captures us more clearly than any other picture we have.

A picture doesn't have to be clear or perfect to capture a thought or memory.  Remember, no matter what a  picture looks like, it is still worth a thousand words.


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