Friday, February 4, 2011

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Yes!  We are expecting!  And as you can imagine, this has been a pretty big memory maker around here with phone calls and emails and making doctor appointments.  Brian and I are thrilled to pieces! This was definitely an answer to prayer and the result of much planning.  Sometimes, it doesn't seems real, but, ladies, we know what the best part of pregnancy is (wink, wink), and that is what reminds me that this is real! 

As excited as we are, we really wanted to make sure that Addie got in on the excitement, too. The above photo was how we announced to family and friends by email and Face Book the good news. 

We keep telling her that God is giving us a baby as a present to Mommy, Daddy, and Addie.  We also tell her that she is going to be a wonderful big sister.  When we told her that the baby was in Mommy's belly, she lifted my shirt, rubbed my belly, and said in her best talking-to-a-baby voice, "Oh, the baby is so cute!"  Many times she will just rub my belly and say hello to the baby.  Tonight at dinner, she pretended to feed the baby her baked ziti!

When I was expecting Addie, I was still teaching. One thing I did with my students that I am doing with her is showing her with objects the growth of the baby.  This past week, according to the website I'm registered on, "Squishy" is the size of a sweet pea- we have to call the baby something :)   Since I didn't have any peas in the house (we are not huge fans of them), I took a piece of paper and rolled it to the size of a pea.  Our picture of the day on Wednesday was Addie holding our "baby".  She talked to it, spoke in baby-ese to it, and then tossed it on the floor and moved on to other things.

We have found her talking to her toys about a baby brother (it is too early to know yet), and today she even told me that there were two babies (Lord, help me!).  I think our excitement is rubbing off on her. 


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