Friday, February 18, 2011

Memories | An Assignment

Here is a trigger for recording a memory for your family.  With Valentines fresh on our minds, how about remembering with and for your family a Valentine's Day of times gone by?  Maybe a special Valentine's Day when your children weren't even around to know what happened?  Some of my favorite memories that my mother shared with me are of times when I wasn't around, when my parents were young, carefree, and starting out.

My memory would be of the Valentine's Day in 2004 just before we were married.  Brian showed up to my house with three bouquets of a dozen roses.  One for Mom , one for Faye, and, of course, one for me.  Then we took another dozen to his mom, and another dozen to his grandma.  After delivering the flowers, we headed off to look at wedding invitations and then dinner.  His sweetness at remembering all of the women in his life at that time really stuck out to me and the time we spent together was just wonderful.  We also got to hug each other that day, a huge deal for us!  After dinner, we went back to my parent's house for a small, family gift exchange and dessert.

Do you have pictures of that Valentine's Day?  If so you may want to write down the story and attach your picture as a scrapbook layout. Or even just leave it somewhere your sweetheart will see the picture and then you can travel down memory lane together. 

Happy remembering!


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