Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of Those Moments

We watch Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go every day. They are cute shows and most episodes are acceptable according to our standards. But I guess one of the best things about Dora and Diego is that they teach Spanish.

Now, Spanish is something I just have always known. I grew up in a home with two 100% Puerto Rican parents. Although they did not speak Spanish primarily, it was something that we just picked up when they spoke to our grandparents, who did have Spanish as their first language. I don’t remember learning Spanish at any point in time, I just knew it.

Today (Monday), after we put Addie down for her nap, we heard her talking in her bed with her stuffed animals. It is something she does every day, so there was nothing unusual about that. Sometimes I listen in to hear her because she comes up with some cute little stories or recites lines from her favorite movies.

However, what we heard today stunned us!

She began counting up to six in Spanish with nine and ten thrown in there for good measure!

Brian and I were stunned! We could not believe that after watching Dora almost every day, she had finally picked up some real words. She also started saying, “Yum, yum, yum. Delicioso!” like Backpack does.

I am so glad that she is learning Spanish. After all, she is 50% hispanic, and yet, I am not the right person to teach her the language of her ancestors. Even my Grandma Adelaida told me to speak to her in English because it was easier for her to understand than my attempt at Spanish.

As Dora would say, “You did it, Addie!”


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