Monday, March 7, 2011

The Little Things

Little things....

Like being outside as a family.

Like blowing bubbles and trying to pop them before the wind blows them away.

Like pretending that weeds are flowers and watering them with the bubbles.

Like gathering fallen leaves and bagging them as a family.

Like hanging bed linens on the line and then smelling the fresh air trapped in them as you sleep at night.

Like pink cheeks and sweaty foreheads.

Like dirty knees and scuffed up shoes.

Like a cool glass of water after working up a healthy sweat.

Like looking across the yard at the handsome man I married and still feeling giddy.

Like hearing a just-turned-three year old saying, "Addie help, Daddy!" and hearing him reply, "Oh, wow! You made this heavy bag so much lighter!"


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