Monday, April 18, 2011

Mommy's Thoughts on the First Trimester

I can't  believe we are already past our 1st trimester!  Wow! This time around, the pregnancy feels like it is going by very quickly... which is a good thing because I can't wait to meet and hold you. I sometimes find myself imagining what you look like, but I don't have a real picture in my mind yet.

We still don't know if you are blue or pink yet.  But not to worry, we have your name picked out already regardless of what you are, although Daddy and I are not sure when we will reveal your actual name.  I love both our boy and girl names.

I am so thankful that your heartbeat is strong and steady.  After the scare you gave us at the beginning, it is a real pleasure to hear that little heart beating at every doctor's appointment.  We even heard a little kick during our last appointment.  I thought you were adorable!

Addie can't wait for you to get here, either.  She is always talking about "the baby" and pretends to hold you.  She talks about you wearing diapers and for some reason, she thinks you are going to wear the wet wipes, too.  I am still working with her on the idea of her sharing her toys with you.  By the time you get here, I think she'll be excited to share her toys (maybe even her beloved Taffy, and his new sister Daffy) with you.

I'm pretty sure I have felt you moving a few times, but I'm told you are too small yet for me to feel.  I don't know. All I know is that I was thumped earlier this week in the belly and you are the only one in there.

I already love you, Squishy... and I can't wait to call you by your real name.



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