Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Taffy is Addie's buddy right now.  We cannot go anywhere without him, and he is with us all of the time. Lala (Titi Elsie) gave Taffy to Addie for Christmas. He sleeps with her.  He sits near her when she eats.  He is beside her, even when she is playing with something else. If we are going to leave the house, her first comment is, "Where's Taffy?"

And she is very protective of Taffy.

If we take Taffy to Grandma and Grandpops house, she makes sure that Corky (their dog) doesn't touch Taffy (many times we convince her to just leave him in the car). She has offered to give the baby kisses with Taffy, but she's not sure if she'll give the baby more time than that with her dog.

Taffy is one of those special stuffed animals that has the priviledge of being dragged everywhere.  The kind of toy that knows he is loved and cherished by a little girl who spends part of her naptime just giving him kisses.  The kind of toy that has marvelous conversations with a little girl when she is supposed to be napping.  The kind of toy that just can't help himself in showing a little girl just how much she is loved and in return is showered with love and admiration. 


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